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WonderWorks - Pigeon Forge



With the ceiling under your feet and the ground above your head, it’s impossible to see the magic inside WonderWorks. Pass through the inversion tunnel to realign yourself and start your adventure! Inside you’ll find six wonder zones for loads of family fun! One of the BEST Pigeon Forge Attractions and things to do in Pigeon Forge!


[Professor Wonder] One of the top things to do in Pigeon Forge, WonderWorks Indoor Amusement park, is one of the best Pigeon Forge Attractions. With over 35,000 square feet of “edu-tainment” WonderWorks is an amusement park for the mind with . The attraction combines education and entertainment with more than 100 hands on exhibits that challenge the mind and spark the imagination.

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WonderWorks - Pigeon Forge - General Admission - All Access Pass

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Adult (13+) $31.42 $26.75 15%
Child (4-12) $21.31 $18.50 13%
Youth (0-3) FREE FREE -
Senior (55+) $21.31 $18.50 13%
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General Admission - All Access Tickets Includes:
ALL WonderWorks Exhibits
The 4D XD Motion Theater
Laser Tag
The Glow-In-The-Dark Ropes Course

(Ropes Course Requires: CLOSED TOE SHOES & Signed Waiver)

WonderWorks is an amusement park for the mind with 35,000 square feet of over 100 interactive hands on exhibits that challenge the mind and spark the imagination.

With the ceiling under your feet and the ground above your head, it’s impossible to see the magic inside WonderWorks. Pass through the inversion tunnel to realign yourself and start your adventure! Inside you’ll find six wonder zones for loads of family fun!

Standing 50 feet tall, visitors will climb 4 stories of ropes as they encounter over 50 different obstacles and activities; including swinging steps, lily pads, a tremor bridge and more. Conquer your fears and get an adrenaline rush at a top Pigeon Forge attraction.

4D XD Simulator Ride
This one-of-a-kind experience combines 3D film with special effects and full motion seating, ranging from subtle sensations to intense vibrations. The XD Theater 4D experience will virtually transport you from your seat into the big-screen action and adventure!


The XD Theater 4D extreme motion simulated thrill ride featuring three movies on a rotating schedule throughout the season.

  • Canyon Coaster
  • Jett & Jinn
  • Great Wall of China

Take your epic journey through these imaginative lands!

Over 100 interactive exhibits to explore, experience the 3 story indoor ropes challenge course.

WonderWorks has six Wonder Zones filled with lots of fun!


  • Tesla Coil - Become a human lightning rod as you place your hand through the mesh, steel armor glove and watch while the Tesla Coil emits 100,000 volts of electricity to your fingertips!
  • Hurricane Hole - Enter the Hurricane Hole to experience category 1 hurricane force winds of 71 MPH! Hold on tight! You don’t want to be blown away! Leaving its own path of destruction behind, the hurricane is one of the most common Natural Disasters in the world. This fast-cycling storm is made up of a low-pressure center, spiral collection of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain and sometimes hail, and powerful winds that can reach over 155 MPH!
  • Earthquake Cafe - In 1989, an earthquake struck the San Francisco Bay Area of California, collapsing a freeway and interrupting a World Series game between the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants. Relive the Quake of ’89 and feel the power behind a magnitude of 5.3 on the Richter scale.


  • Speed of Light - Can you move like the speed of light? Light moves at exactly 299,792,458 meters per second. As the clock runs down, test your speed and reflexes and press the buttons as they light up on the matrix. Try to beat the clock!
  • Recollections - As you walk in front of this screen, watch as your shadow quickly multiplies into different colors and patterns! Do you hear the music? Bust a few of your best moves in front of the screen and watch as every movement of your body is mirrored and multiplied in brilliant, vibrant colors. Strike a Pose - Have you ever wondered what your shadow really looks like? The secret to this exhibit is the wall you pose in front of. When you stand directly in front of the wall and the flash appears, the portion of the wall that your body is covering is unable to absorb light. Your image on the wall has not become darker, but instead the rest of the wall has become lighter.
  • Giant Piano - The piano is one of the most interesting and versatile instruments; most appropriately named “The King of Instruments” because it is one of the largest. Jump from key to key on this giant piano and play music with your feet


  • Space Suit - Explore a life-size replica of an EVA suit that astronauts wear when they need to do work outside their spacecraft. Space suits must be worn to keep astronauts alive in the extreme environment of outer space
  • Mecury Capsule - Climb into a replica of one of the launched capsules and experience what it’s like to lay inside this one-man vehicle. Project Mercury was the first human spaceflight program of the United States of America led by NASA. The goal was to put a human in orbit around the Earth. The spacecraft was just big enough for a single crew member.


  • Bed of Nails - Every great scientist knows that pressure is the application of force to the surface of an object.
  • bed-of-nails When you step on a single nail, your foot puts a large amount of force onto the small surface area of that nail, easily piercing your skin. What do you think will happen when you lie down on ... 3500 NAILS?
  • WonderWall - Create 3-Dimensional images of your body on this gigantic pin wall made of 40,000 plastic pins! You can even get imaginative and create a new version of you that walks on 4 legs or has 20 fingers on one hand!
  • Bubble Lab - If you are anywhere between the ages of 1 and 101, you will love this exhibit! Create bubbles the size of basketballs, blow bubbles through a bubble sheet, or make a bubble big enough for you to fit inside! Look at all the pretty colors in the bubbles as they float around. They are actually reflections and refractions of the light around the bubble. The colors show how thick, or thin, the bubble wall is.
  • Mindball Game - How Does MINDBALL Work? This challenging bio-feedback game for two will test your mind capacities based on EEG Technology.
  • Pulley Power - Take a seat on one of the chairs and use the rope to pull yourself up. If you look closely, you’ll see that each chair is connected to two, three, or four pulleys. Pulleys make lifting heavy items easier by magnifying force or changing the direction of force. The magnifying of force by a simple machine is called a mechanical advantage. The key to a mechanical advantage is in the number of pulleys; the more pulleys there are, the lighter the weight being lifted feels.?
  • Virtual Sports - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pitch to a Major League Baseball player or throw a touchdown pass 50 yards to an NFL player? Virtual Sports allows you to test your athletic skills on a baseball, football, and soccer field. Throw your best pitch – how fast was it? Was it a ball, strike, or did you give up a homerun? How do you think you match up to professional athletes?
  • Rock Climbing - It isn’t like climbing the Smoky Mountains but it’s a start. This rock climbing wall is fun for climbers of all levels. Take it slow as you enjoy the climb or challenge your family and friends to see who makes it to the top first! (40lbs min/ 250lbs max weight limits)
  • Extreme 360 Bikes - Buckle into your bike and start pedaling! The movement of your bike depends on how fast and how hard you pedal. Try to generate enough power to spin a complete 360-degree revolution right back to where you started!
  • Virtual Army Experience - Test your survivor instincts and skills in a virtual battlefield. Jump into the Humvee and move cautiously through the dangerous warzone with your team. Recognize and destroy the enemy as they appear to protect your country.


  • Wonder Brite - Get creative on this gigantic version of Lite-Brite! Rearrange the colored pegs to create a beautiful masterpiece. Your picture will glow as you place the colored sticks into the black wall. Use your imagination to create your own design, make your favorite animal, a fast car, or pretty flowers!
  • Alien Stomper - The aliens are invading Earth! Gather your friends on this multiplayer game to help save the planet. Use your feet to stomp the aliens and their UFOs to send them back to their own planet in outer space!
  • Fun Express - This is a fun station for the younger ones. Choose from digital painting or coloring to a game of detective or matchmaking or even work on some simple addition and subtraction.
  • Gear Works - Gears are wheels with teeth that are used in machines to make work easier. When two gears are connected, the smaller gear will spin faster but with less force, while the bigger gear will spin slower but with greater force. Arrange the gears, big and small, so their teeth are interlocking. Slowly spin one of the gear wheels and see what happens. Are they all spinning at different paces?


  • Far Out Gallery - Can you try to figure out the answers to all the riddles and illusions? Or will your brain keep you from seeing the unknown reality?


Standing 50 feet tall, visitors will climb 4 stories of ropes as they encounter over 50 different obstacles and activities; including swinging steps, lily pads, a tremor bridge and more. Conquer your fears and get an adrenaline rush at a top Pigeon Forge attraction. This exciting experience is included in the price of General Admission.
indoor ropes course

About the Course

This 3 story, glow-in-the-dark adventure is the first of its kind in Pigeon Forge, designed with the experience of each participant in mind. More advanced athletes will discover new challenges while “just for fun” climbers will experience a great sense of accomplishment as they navigate and complete the course. Kids will build confidence one step at a time. Test your abilities, both mental and physical, on this exciting and fun activity as a part of your general admissions package.

For Your Safety

In order to make this activity as fun and safe as possible, some restrictions apply (View Full Restrictions List)

  • Closed shoes required for this experience and proper dress required
  • No skirts or dresses permitted
  • Must be at least 42" ( 3.6 ft. ) with an adult or 48" ( 4 ft. ) to participate alone
  • Maximum height is 80" ( 6’8” )
  • Maximum weight limit is 300lbs + you must safely fit in the harness.
  • Waivers required for 18 and over

 Parking Information
Plenty of parking is provided at no charge in the WonderWorks Pigeon Forge parking lot in front of the building.


General Admission includes over 100 interactive exhibits to explore, simulators, and more. Admission tickets are good all day, come and go as you please.

**Note** Height/Weight restrictions apply.

*EARTHQUAKE – Must be at least 36” (3 ft 4 in), *ROCK WALL – Minimum Weight: 40 lbs. Max Weight: 250 lbs *EXTREME 360 BIKES – Must be 58" (4 ft 10 in). Max Weight: 250 lbs. CLOSED SHOES ONLY *ROPES COURSE – Must be at least 42" (3 ft 6 in) with an adult or 48" (4 ft) to participate alone. Maximum height is 80" ( 6 ft 8 in). Closed shoes required. Maximum weight limit is 300 pounds.

*ASTRONAUT TRAINING – Max Height is 74" (6 ft 2 in), Min Height is 54” (4 ft 6 in). Max Weight is 225lbs, Long hair must be tied up.

*WONDER COASTER – Must be at least 48" (4 ft) to participate or 42" (3 ft 6 in) with an adult. Max weight is 250 lbs. No more than 100 lbs difference between riders.

Email/Print at Home

Unless stipulated in the booking process all bookings require customers to print their voucher off in order to be exchanged for entry to the attraction or tour. We cannot guarantee entry without a printed voucher and will not be able to cancel or refund customers who do not print the vouchers and therefore can't gain access to the venue or tour.

If you cannot print your voucher off for any reason please contact us 24 hours before arriving at the venue.


Please note that all vouchers and tickets sold by 365 Tickets Limited are non-refundable due to restrictions imposed by our individual suppliers, for full terms and conditions please click here.


To request an amendment to your booking please contact 365Tickets for support.  Amendments to the date, the time and/or the number of tickets are permitted at the discretion of 365 Tickets Limited, but subject to the terms and conditions of our individual suppliers, and surcharges for amendments made may apply.

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Jennifer W 6 January 2018
verified customer


Melanie M 5 January 2018
verified customer

Wonderworks had a lot for the kids to do, but it was too crowded. We waited in line for over an hour to do the ropes course. There were so many people it was hard to enjoy anything.

Cindy E 2 December 2017
verified customer


Barbara L 10 August 2017
verified customer

Thanks it was awesome

TRACI W 5 August 2017
verified customer

My initial purchase was simple and easy. When I trie dot print my tickets I had an issue with them printing all the information. I got blank boxes. I contacted 365Tickets and was pleasantly surprised on how professional and curious they were. They tried sending me the tickets via email several different ways until one of them worked. I was able to print the off and had no issues when I presented it to Wonderworks. I am totally impressed and will definitely buy tickets through them again. They were also the cheapest that I found which was a nice perk! Thank you!!

Samantha W 3 August 2017
verified customer

Cute and fun day trip for a family with children of various ages!

Kathy B 2 July 2017
verified customer

Easy to use and tickets were much more affordable. Thanks for a great way to get tickets!

Alison B 1 July 2017
verified customer

Booking through 365 was a lot cheaper and saved our family alot of money. The only small issue was that it took a while for them to print the tickets and bring them to the front desk. But that wasn't a very big issue.

Christina B 26 June 2017
verified customer

Great time!

Holli O 12 June 2017
verified customer

Most awesome fun place for both kids and adults! You could leave and come back as well. Which was awesome being we had an appointment for OGO and we weren't done at Wonderworks. FYI - make sure to wear closed toe shoes.