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The Ventura's Vacation Adventure Childrens Book


The Venturas, the virtual mascots for 365 Tickets, are planning their annual family vacation and being the smart parents they are, have included some planning for the unplanned!

Knowing that kids will do almost anything, they put together their family plan for getting seperated and the kids learn some good life lessons.

This book is sponsored by 365 Tickets as way to remind all vacationing families that keeping everyone safe should be a big part of planning the family vacation.

Join The Venturas as they plan for their family vacation and remind everyone that every family should plan ahead for the unexpected...kids will be kids!

The Venturas are off on their family vacation to Wally’s Wonder World! Timmy can’t wait to go on all the big roller coasters, and his younger sister, Susie, wants nothing more than to ride a shiny white horse on the carousel. But Timmy soon discovers that he’s not tall enough to get on the park’s fastest coaster, and Susie finds herself all alone when she becomes separated from her mom. Thankfully, the Venturas always have a family plan to ensure that everyone stays safe and has fun!