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Planete Sauvage Tickets and Prices


Noa’s Treasure: the new show for children and adults. The Marine City welcomes you, for an unforgettable discovery as you marvel in the experience of witnessing the dolphins as they perform daily shows!

PLANETE SAUVAGE (Wild Planet):  With 10 miles of safari trail, discover, in your vehicle, more than 1,000 animals surprising and majestic elephants, lions, zebras, camels, bears... Enjoy and share the privacy of wholes herds.

Planète Sauvage is your chance to discover more than 1000 wild animals from around the world.  You can choose to ride in a car or walk in the pedestrian area.  Don't miss:

  • The dolphin show
  • Kirikou’s Village
  • Madagascar Island
  • Jungle Bridge 
  • Inca Trail