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Manhattan By Sail New York Tickets and Prices


Point your imagination toward the horizon and get riverbound with Manhattan by Sail!

Choose one of the sailboats to be your guide to breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan skyline and other gems of the harbour.

Tailor your New York Sailing experience, according to what you enjoy. Try out the sails by day, sunset or night. Choose from brunch sails, wine tasting sails, late night romantic rendezvous sails and private charters

We have found 6 ticket options for you!

Manhattan by Sail has a diverse fleet of ships that sail the New York Harbor daily and a corresponding myriad of options for any and all who want to experience the thrill of sailing in the world’s greatest harbor. Check out the Clipper City, a 158-ft. tall ship that can accommodate up to 150 passengers. A more intimate experience can be had on the Shearwater, a historic schooner with capacity up to 48 passengers.

What  if it rains?

Sailing is an all-weather activity, and Manhattan by Sail’s leave the dock rain or shine. Summer thundershowers are part of life in New York and you’ll soon see that braving the elements with our safe and reliable crew is all part of the fun!

Are the boats handicapped accessible?

The Clipper City is indeed handicapped accessible. Wheelchairs can come right aboard or they can be stowed below during the sail as needed.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably and prepare appropriately. They sail rain or shine, and keep in mind that it is usually cooler out on the water than on shore, especially in the evening and night. We do recommend that passengers wear soft-soled shoes aboard the Shearwater as heels and boots can scuff the deck. Bare feet are also fine. There are no special requirements on the Clipper City.

Can we bring strollers/bikes board the boat?

Yes you can bring strollers aboard the boats, however, they do not allow bikes on any of the boats.

Can I present a digital voucher on a mobile device?

No, please print your voucher prior to arriving.

Does the voucher expire?

Your voucher is only valid on the date you have chosen for and it is also printed on the voucher as well.