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San Francisco GoCar Tours Tickets and Prices


Whether you want to drive the scenic 49 mile drive, the Golden Gate Bridge, cruise down the most cracked street in the world or see the houses of the rich and famous, the GoCar can take you there. With over 200 points of interest you can you make the tour as long or short as you want. Best of all, the adventure happens at your pace. You can stop for photos, take detours, grab a coffee or break for lunch. (You’ll actually be able to park!) Or you can blaze your own trail and explore the city streets, neighbourhoods and parks on your own.​

Available Tour Languages: English,French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

We have found 5 ticket options for you!

GoCar is the first-ever GPS-guided Storytelling car. It’s the most exhilarating, entertaining and enlightening way to tour San Francisco. Experience what the press is buzzing about, what visitors rave about, and what Time Magazine called “one of the most amazing inventions of the year.”

GoCar, the World’s First Storytelling Car!  Fold up the map – put away the guidebook – and prepare for a city adventure you won’t soon forget! These clever yellow talking convertibles navigate for you, point out the sights, and tell you about the city’s culture and history.

But that’s not all – your GoCar mobile tour guide has a personality and a human voice – it cracks jokes, recommends the good restaurants, and tells you the stories that bring the city to life. It’s like having a “local” give you a private guided tour.

GoCar gives clear driving directions using GPS satellite technology. Just follow the friendly audio directions and relax!

What is GoCar?

GoCar is the world’s first computer-guided storytelling car. The clever talking car navigates for you, but that’s not all. As you drive, it points out the sights and tells you the stories that bring San Francisco to life.

Can I stop along the way?

Yes, you set your own pace. The car always knows where you are and you can park anywhere you want for as long as you want. As soon as you begin to drive again, the car will begin to talk.

Can I cross the Golden Gate Bridge?

No, but the tour will navigate you to Fort Point. Here the bridge soars about 200 feet above your head. It is possible to gain pedestrian access to the bridge span from the car park at the bridge vantage point.

Do I have to stay on the tour?

Absolutely not! If there is a sight you wish to see but it is not yet included on the tour, just use the map we provide to navigate your own way through the city streets.

How many people can fit in a GoCar?

A maximum of 2 people are able to ride in the vehicle.

Does the voucher expire?

Yes, it is only valid on the date you have chosen to visit.

Can I cancel or have my order refunded if it rains?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds if there is inclement weather. The GoCars will work when it rains.