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Miami One Day Everglades Tour Tickets and Prices


When visiting Florida you have to plan at least one day that includes the Florida Everglades and a wild airboat ride. Be sure to hold on to your hats  as you come face to face with some Forida locals -the alligators! 

Participate in an alligator-handling show where you are almost guaranteed some great photos.

End your day with a visit to Florida’s famous “melting pot” of Miami’s South Beach. Explore the magnificent Art Deco district  and be sure to sample the traditional cuisine available in any one of the over 100 restaurants. Don’t forget shopping! Packed breakfast is also included on the journey down.

The tour is run by Florida Dolphin Tour company.

Three adventurous things you must do when visiting Florida are:

  • Visit Miami
  • Hold an alligator
  • Ride an airboat

This action-packed day trip covers all three AND you get to visit the Everglades!