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Europa-Park Tickets and Prices

Imagine exploring all of Europe in just one day! At Europa-Park, Germany’s largest theme park, you can do just that.
Europa-Park has just been awarded the Golden Ticket Award (the Oscar of the amusement-park industry) as "Best Amusement Park in the World"
Two new attractions since September 2018: The "Eurostat Cancan Coaster," a dark-ride coaster taking us through an illuminated Paris night, and the new virtual-reality-adventure, "Eurostat Coastiality."
Don't miss the other virtual highlight: Voletarium, where the dream of flying becomes reality, in Europe's biggest flying theater.
Over 100 attractions and shows in 15 European themed areas await the whole family with traditional architecture and multi-award-winning gastronomic delights. Create lasting memories on your family holiday - whether Summer, Halloween or Winter! One of Europe’s most popular theme parks is nestled in the tri-border area Germany, France, Switzerland, easily accessible by plane, car, bus & train.
Situated in the border triangle of Switzerland-Germany-France, Europa-Park is easy to access by airplane, car, bus and train.

A treat for adrenaline lovers, Europa-Park is a theme park that offers thrills for all the family. This entry ticket and transport combo allows you to spend a day the park near Geneva with ease. Once inside, you'll roam the park's Europe-themed zones to experience rollercoasters, flight simulators, water rapids, and more. When you need a break from the rides, why not watch a show? Europa-Park is home to a children's theater with variety performances every day.

On the border of Switzerland, Germany and France!